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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hearstoppers Haunted House!

How cool is this? Scary stuff! Anyone out there in blogland ever been to this?

Heartstoppers Haunted House is located with Callson Manor at the Placer County Fairgrounds near downtown Old Roseville.

Heartstoppers Haunted House presents The Deadlands from Hex on Vimeo.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Joyce and I have Way too much Fun!

This has to be my favorite photo shoot ever! As many of you know, and some may not, I take the pics for Joyce's dolls that we list on eBay under my shoppe ID Villagegiftshoppe. Joyce makes the dolls and writes up the descriptions.....and I take their pics and list her auctions and add the music to go along with her dolls. Mortimer has a very special song to go along with his auction that Joyce found. It's Always Look on the Bright Side of Life by Monty Python and it fits Mortimer perfectly as he is known as The Whistling Mortician.....*giggle*

Well this past weekend, we took her latest doll, Mortimer the Mortician, to the 4th St. cemetery in New Philadelphia, OH for a photo shoot. What better backdrops for a man of his profession?

We found this amazing monument with THE MOST gorgeous wreath of calla lilies and the hand in the center with the finger pointing up towards the heavens! Only problem was, Joyce is short and this monument was not.....LOL So she was stretched up on her tippy toes and doing her best impression of the Statue of Liberty so that I could get Mortimer and the wreath in the same shot! (Way to stretch JoycEE!)

This is one of the doors that was on one of the tiny mausoleums. It had a rusty grate covering the entrance but the door was open and you could see inside. It was so sad that the little windows had been boarded up where there were probably once little stained glass windows. I still don't understand how someone can vandalize a cemetery or gravestones? *sigh*

This little plot was surrounded by the most awesome rusty wrought iron fencing! The perfect backdrop for little Mortimer!

And here he is in front of the little house that we imagine the groundskeeper to this cemetery once lived in. We could see in the windows to the two small downstairs rooms where one had a fireplace.

It even had a steeple! We just loved the vintage architecture!

And this was the first stone that we happened to see as the perfect place to take Mortimer's first picture! And the way the shadows were cast in the background was perfect!

And for this amazing pic, we would like to thank our friend Sandy for doing her magic! We sent her this picture of the most amazing victorian hearse which ws taken by Spike Bakker and she inserted Mortimer into the pic. We were hoping to get his pic taken with one owned by a local funeral home but the funeral director "got busy" this weekend and we were unable to do it. ws Sam to the rescue!!! Thank you so're THE BEST!!

If you would like to visit Mortimer's auction....just CLICK HERE!

Have an Enchanted week everyone!

Monday, August 10, 2009

She's Finally Finished! May I present to you.....Vladimira!

Well.....FINALLY! I thought I would never see the daylight! LOL Why she took so long to come to life, I have no clue. I just could not seem to get her finished! HA! Maybe it's because she's one of those "ladies of the night" perhaps? She wanted to be born in the darkness of the night? Yeah....I think that's my excuse for taking so long to complete this one! ;o) Sounds like a good excuse to me!

I really think that the reason is because I wanted something really special to go in this amazing frame. I think I honestly wanted to hang onto it, because I might never find one quite as perfect as this again. So by not finishing her.......I was getting to enjoy looking at her just hanging around the house for months! =o)

But, she's finished now and I think that this has to be my favorite paintings of all time! I LOVE the way the frame looks framing her. It's shape reminds me of a mausoleum, like the old ones that you see in spooky old cemeteries. So with that observation came the idea for my first vampiress.

Her name is Vladimira, which is the feminine version of Vladimir, and I hope you will stop by and visit her eBay auction. Oh.....and don't forget to wear your garlic necklace.........*giggle*

Monday, August 3, 2009

Meet Mr Grim.....................

This guy just makes me giggle! We had so much fun with him on Sunday! This has to be one of the most fun Photo shoots that we've ever went on. I think this is one of my most favorite ENCHANTED PRODUCTIONS dolls ever JoycEE!

Here's MR. GRIM'S auction link.

Enjoy the pics and the video too!