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Monday, September 29, 2008

And the Lucky Winners are...................

Sorry it took me so long.....but I was having some problems with my Kodak software plus babysitting Jadyn today too. But I finally got the pics uploaded so let me show you how we started the day!
First we put all the names in the magic pumpkin pail and we had to take a pic outside with my primitive barnsiding birdhouse and of course Joycee's two adorable skellie make-dos standing guard to make sure nobody messed with the official ballots.....LOL

You can see all the names waiting to be picked...........

And here's Jadyn doing her job of picking the 5 lucky winners. She was so excited to get this prestigious job...........

And here are the names that she drew............

1. Joee of thecartbeforethehorse Winner of the Halloween Beauty Hang Tag

2. Debra of Shoalcreekcottage-Winner of the Halloween Carnival Hang Tag

3. Jody of Starspangledpretties-Winner of the Homestead scented room spray courtesy of Village Gift Shoppe

4. Sandy of Samiamcreations-Winner of a bar of primitive soap and soapholder courtesy ofVillage Gift Shoppe

5. Robert of Twinklestricksandtreats-Winner of a set of 2 little Halloween bottle brush trees courtesy of Village Gift Shoppe

Congratulations to all of my lucky winners!!! Please email me at...

with your mailing address and I will get your prizes out to you this week!

I want to thank everyone who has visited my blog during my giveaway and I'm so happy that I have met some new blogging friends this past month!! I hope you stop back again!

Contest is OVER...............and the Winners have been picked!!

I'm editing my pics right now and will be back shortly with the lucky winners names!!!

STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Today is the Last Day for the 100th Post Giveaway!!!!!!!

The drawing is tomorrow, September hurry and sign up!


All you have to do is leave a comment on this post for your name to be put in the pumpkin pail for the drawing and you can leave a comment a day if you would like to! The drawing will be on September 29th so hurry up and spread the word!

FIRST PRIZE is my Halloween Beauty Hang Tag.......

SECOND PRIZE is my little Halloween Clown Carnival Hang Tag.......

and THIRD PRIZE is a bottle of Village Gift Shoppe's yummy "Homestead" scent (sweet potato pie) room spray............

Feel free to grab the giveaway banner and post it on your blog and I will put your name in for the drawing an extra two times!

OH...............and I'm adding in a couple more little prizes since you've all been so sweet!!! New prizes to be announced after the drawing. I Know.........I'm a tease!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Stop by Martha's blog.............

Make sure that you stop by and enter Martha's Blog Contest. All you have to do is leave a comment on her blog then add her link for a chance to be featured on The Martha Blog!

Good luck!

Breaking News!!!!!!!!!!!!! My comment is one there now! I've been waiting for it to show up but I haven't been checked for a while until this morning!

Here's my comment as it appears on Martha's blog...........

Hello! My name is Lori and I sell my art on eBay and I belong to two wonderful groups on there...PFATT (Primitive Folk Art Tea & Talk) & EHAG (Eclectic Halloween Artists Group). I started my blog as a way for people to see my art and help promote my friends and their art also.

I even have a link to your Halloween Workshop 2008 with you dressed up in your black outfit!

I'd be honored to have you stop by and visit!

Luminista....Ringmistress of "Cirque du Halloween"

I'm so excited to get this one listed on eBay tonight! This girl has been in my head and dying to get outta there! LOL I've named her Luminista and she's the Ringmistress for the "Cirque du Halloween". She's painted in acrylics on a chunky 6" wide by 2 1/4" deep canvas with vintage paper embellishments. I had a blast making her even though my fingers were covered with modge podge and my floor with little itty bitty scraps of paper! LOL

I just love her little necklace with its little bat charm...........

and the little circus pennants around the outside edge of the canvas..........

I hope you have time to visit her on eBay...............=o)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Two More Giveaways!

Make sure you stop by these two blogs and sign up for their giveaways (as well as mine).

First is Shay of Olde Colonial Peddler and the second one is Jackie of Fat Jak Originals.

Both of them have adorable creations and all you have to do is leave a comment for a chance to win!

Good Luck everyone!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Little Pumpkin Shelf Sitter on eBay..............

I listed this little cutie last night on eBay. It's another little piece of art made from something that was destined for someone's trash or firepit....LOL

Hope you have time to stop by and take a peek at it. The starting bid is just $9.95! CLICK HERE to go see it on eBay.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Scott Smith's Amazing Pumpkin/Gourd Head Scarecrows...........

Last year for Ghoultide Gathering, the talented Scott Smith of Rucus Studio sculpted these amazing Pumpkin/Gourd heads to welcome the shoppers. The heads are all on display again in Northville, MI and will be put on scarecrow bodies this year welcoming people to Ghoultide Gathering.

When I saw o man..............I started to have some serious pumpkin envy! I had to email Scott to ask if they were for sale and to let him know that I would adertise for him by putting one in my shoppe window! LOL I think alot of others had the same idea too! LOL

I emailed Scott to ask permission to post these here for you all to enjoy and he kindly gave me his permission (Thank you Scott!)

He told me that he wished he had a warehouse or barn where he could be making those full time. Everyone keeps asking!!

Well....we certainly can understand why! And if you have time.....stop by Scott's blog and check out some of the pics from the article about him that was in Better Homes & Garden Halloween Tricks & Treats Magazine. You'll definitely want to run out and buy a copy today!

Friday, September 12, 2008

My "Harvest Pumpkin Moon" Stool on eBay!

Good Morning.....or should I say Goodnight Moon??? hehehe!

While on a girls out day with my dear friend Joycee at the Shady Rest Flea Market in Beach City........I happened upon this little old stool (thanks Gary & Jewell!). Kind of sitting in the back of a booth, not out in the front, I looked at it and saw the hidden potential of what it was about to become. See, I love giving old things a second chance at life......a chance to become something beautiful and loved and passed down from generation to generation. Most people would call me a packrat (and do)........LOL! And I've been known to haul things home from the curb (dumpster diver that I am) and give them a major makeover. Most of the treasures that I have saved from the dump have all been sold in my shoppe and at craft fairs over the years.

My favorite subject is pumpkins and when I saw this little stool, I knew that I had to paint the seat and make it into a big beaming pumpkin face! It was very rough with lots of layers of cracked chippy paint but that's exactly what I LOVE! So I just cleaned it up and sanded the top a bit before starting. After getting the face painted on that bumpy surface I thought......."Geesh! It looks like the surface of the moon!!" I can't wait for when, in the fall, the moon rises up over the hill and it's that glowing orange orb, and it's so huge and bright and you can actally see the rough irregular surface of it! I gave this stool an antique black finish over the painted surface and then a hand rubbed paste wax finish......I just love the look that it gives! SO vintage looking! And the crackle shows up beautifully when the stain is applied over the paint. It soaks down into all those little fine lines giving it such detail and character!

Around the outer edge, I painted it black and then let it sit for days (ok....weeks) while I tried to decide just what kind of trim I wanted to give it. Well.....I just love the penny rug fingers made from old book pages and have used that edge finish on my little canvas paintings for quite a while now. So, I decided to do it on this stool too.........48 little penny rug fingers in all! LOL When I discussed this with Joycee she said, "Do you know how much work that's going to be?" LOL I did....but I knew that was the look that I wanted. I know..........I'm a glutton for punishment! hahaha! I then decided to add those little upholstery tacks to the center of each pennyrug finger to give it depth. Well.......let me tell you what it's like trying to hammer those into solid oak just wasn't happening! So.....I had to go get the cordless drill out and predrill all 48 little holes so I could hammer those little devils in there! I think it was worth all the trouble though. I really like that little extra detail that it gives it! =o)

Anyhow......I'm very proud of the way that it turned out and very scared of listing it on eBay! This is the largest thing that I have ever listed on there and I'm just not sure that it will sell or if people will be willing to pay the shipping cost. Because of the weight of the piece and size of the box, I'm going to try FedEx ground since it was the cheapest way to go.

I hope you have time to stop by and take a peak at my little stool on eBay! I've done a 10 day listing. I really like ending on Sunday evenings and since I was so impatient to list this, I started it on a Thursday which I rarely do.

HaPpY Fall y'all!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

She's HERE..........

My adorable prize from Pam of SoftinTheHead arrived today!!! I heard the UPS truck pull up in the alley beside my house so I ran to the door to wait on him with my package! I knew that she would be arriving today and I was so excited!!!

I opened the box ever so carefully........well ripped it open is more like it! And pulled out this amazing little black cat witch doll! I just love her orange and black polka dotted dress............

And her little bag of Halloween candy.........

Thank you so much Pam for drawing my name! You went above and beyond in your blog giveaway and helped inspire me to do my 100th post blog giveaway! And thank you too for the beautiful card that you sent along with her! =o)

Halloween Hugs! *Lori

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

100th Blog Post Giveaway!

I mentioned this afternoon that I would be doing a 100th blog post giveaway soon...........well, it's sooner than I thought! lol When I signed in to my dashboard, it showed that I had 102 posts...........but when you look down at my blog archive, it shows 94 posts. I think this is because along the way, I have deleted a few posts.

Soooooo............Ive decided to do my 100th Blog Post according to the dashboard post #.

I've decided to give away two of my hand made and hand stitched hang tags and a bottle of Village Gift Shoppe's yummy room sprays!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post for your name to be put in the pumpkin pail for the drawing and you can leave a comment a day if you would like to! The drawing will be on September 29th so hurry up and spread the word!

FIRST PRIZE is my Halloween Beauty Hang Tag.......

SECOND PRIZE is my little Halloween Clown Carnival Hang Tag.......

and THIRD PRIZE is a bottle of Village Gift Shoppe's yummy "Homestead" scent (sweet potato pie) room spray............

Feel free to grab the giveaway banner and post it on your blog and I will put your name in for the drawing an extra two times!

Yesterday was my Lucky Day!!!

I awoke to an email from Pam Gracia......aka/Soft in the Head. I opened it up and it said, "Go to my blog now!" So I urgently went there and still was not thinking.....until I saw my name posted there! I had won First Prize in Pam's giveaway!!! WooHoo!!! I can no longer say that I never win anything! LOL

Thank you P2 for being such a kind and giving person! And for making my Labor Day Holiday extra special!

I will be posting a pic of my prize when it stay tuned because I am also having a blog post giveaway coming up soon! It will soon be my 100th post! Where has the time gone? =D