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Sunday, June 21, 2009

EHAG Edwared Gorey Tribute Challenge!

The EHAG creative theme for the month of June is Edward Gorey! Just click on THIS LINK to go see all the amazing Gorey pieces created by the talented EHAG artists!

Citrouille Ends Tonight Sunday June 21 at 9:15pm EST.........

Just click on her picture above to go see her eBay auction. Hope you will stop by to take one last peek at her.........=o)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Sweet Friend Kaf.............

...of Oldecapeprimitives (Grimitives) made this adorable little pumpkin girl and had her available on this month's PFATT Marketplace. Well, when I saw the set of 3 little pumpkin girls, it was a hard decision making up my mind which one I wanted but the little white one won my heart! =o)

Kaf wraps everything up so perfectly too! Orange tissue paper, black and orange raffia and even her own little notecards to go with them! Unwrapping a package from her is more fun than Christmas morning! I keep telling her that she needs to go into the professional gift wrapping business! =o)

My granddaughter Jadyn, upon seeing her said, "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww........!" Then quickly hugged her and placed a kiss directly on her crooked little pumpkin mouth! =o)

Oh...........and little Phoebe just loves getting her picture taken.....can you tell? Say "pumpkin seeds"!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

She's Listed!!!!

I'd like to introduce you to Citrouille! (Which is French for pumpkin.)

The Ring Mistress of the Minuit Cirque du Halloween!

And the winner was Kaf (Oldecapeprimitives) with the first correct guess of a used tea bag, as too what her rosette was made from! Congratulations Kaf! I will get that yummy room spray sent out to you soon!

I really love this painting from the top of her hat to the bottom of her leafy little skirt! I think she's one of my most favorite ones ever! =o)

Here's the link to her EBAY AUCTION if you would like to go see her!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Can You Guess?

What I made the rosette from on my newest painting? Take a guess and if you are the first person to guess correctly, I will send you a little surprise! You have up until 9:30pm EST Sunday June 14th when she will then be listed on eBay. One guess per person.........Good Luck to everyone!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Back Issue of Mercantile Gatherings Magazine

I have only 2 of this back issue available on eBay. If you have never tried this magazine and you are into primitives, then you must try it! They have free patterns available in each issue that make it worth the price just for those alone.

Each isse is full of primitive shops, homes, decorating ideas, down home stories, ebay and website directory and much more!

This is the Autumn 2008 issue and once these two are gone, I won't have any more of this one available.

Hurry and get yours today! CLICK HERE to buy!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wonderful Sisters...........

I belong to two very amazing eBay groups..........both EHAG and PFATT. This spring, each of these groups had a swap and I signed up to do both. In an earlier post, I shared the gifts that I got to send and now I want to share with you all what I received. I know that the saying goes......."It's better to give than receive" but it's SO much fun to get to unwrap these special treats when they arrive! =o)

Here are my PFATT swap gifts before their unwrapping.........

Here are all the goodies that I received from Pam of Softinthehead for the PFATT Swap! OH MY!!!!!!! I was once lucky girl! Thank you so much Pam for all the sweet gifts! Your little mousie is so cute! I love my little pumpkin guy! The Bethany Lowe garland is so yummy! I love the Martha Stewart tags and my card! The witch sign and the wax ornie are perfect! You were way too good to my girlfriend!! =o)

And below is my wonderfully sweet EHAG swap gift that I received from Amelia aka Sweet B Folk Art! Isn't he adorable??? And she gave me the cutest card and some Smarties candy to fill him up with! Jadyn's favorite candy is Smarties, so this made her extra happy!!

So a big "Thank You" SweetB!! I will treasure my little treat jar forever!!! Oh and I almost forgot that she sent me the sweetest little vintage five and dime store charm bracelet to use in creating my art! Can't wait to use the little skull charm!


Monday, June 1, 2009

June's PFATT Free Giveaway is up!

The PFATT BLOG June Giveaway is up and running this morning! Just click on the link or the banner above to go sign up for the 3 amazing prizes donated by 3 different PFATT artists!! can sign up June 1st-June 7th at midnight PDT.

Good luck!!!