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Friday, December 7, 2007

Last Year's Pfatt Ornie Swap

Pictured above are my Pfatt ornie swaps from last year! I just had to share! From left to right..........1. Gourd santa ornie from Linda (thegourdqueen) 2. Snowman in cone ornie from Kaf (Oldcapeprimitives) 3. Cardinal on snowball ornie from Sharon (Greeneyes) 4. Star ornie and angel tag from Jo (Cartbeforethehorse)

Wasn't I a lucky, lucky girl?????????????????? =o)

It's hard to believe that it's been a whole year since we had the last Pfatt ornie swap already! Where does the time go to anyway? Last year, I made the little pins pictured above and turned them into a tag/ornie. I had so much fun creating them! The pin itself was a round wooden disk which I painted then attached to the coffee dyed tag. Her paper crown was made from the pages of a vintage early 1900's book. Her collar and the points of her crown where made using a recycled bracelet of my daughter's. This year's ornie swap kind of snuck up on me and I didn't have time to make any ornies, but I used something else that I had made, which still had a winter theme. I threw in some other goodies for my Pfatt sister's too which I hope they will love...but I can't show them here since they haven't gotten their box yet. Don't want to spoil the surprise! lol Well, I can't anyways since dummy me forgot to take pics before I shipped them to Carol. I cannot WAIT to get mine! And I will make sure to post pics for you all to see!


Sam I Am said...

ahhhh yesssss...i remember drooling over these when you showed them to us last year...
they are amazing..and such treasures to keep forever!!!!
pfatties are great :) :) :)


Hi Lori, pretty ornies! LUCKY GIRL!!! And what an adorable Snow Queen Pin...

So glad you stopped by for a visit. I wish as you say Crusty would. It might brighten up her day to see her beautiful artwork 'Mr. Wishes' the black cat clock appreciated by so many around the world!!!

Please let her know... AND your Crusty Party Girl Clock sounds adorable too!

Thanks again Sweetie Pie for brightening up my day...

Merry Christmas & Blessings Always, Lyndy

Brenda said...

Ooh, how yummy!! Can't wait to get the goodies this year -- LOVE your tag from last year.. and.. I think I've seen this years?? Am (not so) secretly hoping to get one... ;)


vintagepaletteart said...

I guarantee that you will love them all Brenda! =D

Thanks Lyndy! =o) I'll let Crusty know........she's got her hands full right now. Poor girl...=o( year you have to do the swap......please promise me that you will. It will make your whole christmas brighter! =o)

Sam I Am said...

i tagged ya!!! lol
but this is for a different game..
hop on over to my blog to see :)