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Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Give It Forward Clock....

Last year I was the lucky recipient of this adorable Halloween clock hand painted by Artist Terrye French of Thepaintedpearbasket! She posted this clock on her blog and my name was drawn to be the keeper of this clock for one year. is my turn to Give It Forward!

This little clock has a secret compartment in the top that will have a hidden treasure that will be yours to keep. When it is your turn to Give It Forward, you may keep the little treasure and replace it with something of yours.

The bottom of the clock also opens to reveal another compartment in which there is a scroll that Terrye signed and now it is my turn to sign the scroll before I Give It Forward.

You have from now until 12:00 midnight PDT to leave a comment here for me about your favorite thing about Halloween or a Halloween memory of yours.

Good Luck Everyone! Tell your friends to hurry and sign up and if you are a lucky little ghost or year will be your turn to give this Halloween clock forward!



Trish said...

What a wonderful idea, Lori. Beautiful clock and sentiment.
I'm really aging myself, but here goes. When we were kids we lived in a neighbourhood where most of the fathers were war vets. A lot of the moms were war brides from Britain. I don't know if this custom came from there or not, but we were invited into each house (no fear because we all knew each other), and to earn a 'treat' we had to perform a 'trick'. Usually singing, or dancing or reciting a poem. The treat of course was always homemade and delicious. Wonderful memories.
Trish Stover

Sheryl Parsons said...

Terrye is a master painter isn't she?! What's not to love about Halloween? You get to dress up and be something you've always wanted to be, at least for one night, you can eat all the junk candy and treats you desire, you have fun with friends and family, you can play games and even be a bit naughty if you want, all in the name of fun.

luluslovlies said...

What a wonderful idea! I love the concept! My favorite memory of Halloween is when my children were growing up and we always spent our spare time in the month of October creating home made costumes. When my oldest son was in Kindergarten, we created a costume to make him a cave man, I had a mohair black wig that when brushed out looked wild, so that was his hair! The suit was a leopard print cut ragged and tied over one shoulder, and a bat that was created to look like a club. He went to the parade after school where they all march around in their costumes and everyone pointed at him saying how cute and different his costume was and he thought everyone was making fun of him so he came home and cried and we had to go to the local 5 & dime store to buy a box costume and all that was left was a clown in his size, which he wore so he could be like everyone else. Eventually as he was older was OK with home made costumes as that was our tradition. He is now married with children of his own and they buy costumes, Oh well!

Starry Nites Farm said...

What a wonderful idea!

"B" said...

What a wonderful idea!

My sister and I taught at our local elementary school for over 30 years and each year we created a haunted house or some other scary place at her home for our students to enjoy on Halloween night. Over the years it became quite elaborate. Our first generation of students later became parents themselves and got just as much enjoyment bringing their own kids to our spook house as they did when they were children.

Sadly, when we retired from teaching, we also retired the haunted house...much to the disappointment of our students also!

megpiedesign said...

I love this! And your blog is awesome and very Halloween-y! So cool!

Tamara Dozier said...

This is such a wonderful idea, a perfect way to share our love of Halloween. My favorite memory is of a halloween costume my mom made me when I was in grade school. It was a blue cowgirl outfit and because we didn't have money to spare she made the skirt and vest from blue crepe paper which I wore over shorts and a white turtle neck sweater. Thank goodness for creative moms that do their best to make wonderful memories for their children, no matter what they may or may not have.

gail walker said...

Love this idea of art passing from hand to hand! Just like my favorite part of Halloween, making constumes for family and friends and the added joy of their being handed down to someone new the next year! I especially enjoyed seeing my husband wear the big bad wolf costume at the annual barn party last weekend, that I had made for our son when he was four! Just to explain it is one size fits all, and our four year old is now in grad school!